Rebecca Savage and Her Legacy at NC State

Rebecca Savage, also known as Becky by her co-workers, has been a part of North Carolina State University for 35 years. She began her journey at NC State as a Temporary Worker in 1984. A year later, she became a Permanent Office Assistant. She held this title until 1989, when she then left to become a Clerical Assistant for a group of three physics faculty. She helped organize several conferences while working with this group. About six years later, she was asked by this group to become an Administrative Assistant for a special project called NCSTAR. Sadly, this project was not able to receive enough funding to proceed, so she returned to the Department of Physics Main Office to become Business Officer of the department until her retirement in 2019.

Becky has made several contributions to the Physics Department such as developing a standardized system of recording grades, making it easier for faculty to receive grades from their teaching assistants. She was also able to create an automated graduate student appointment system, again, allowing faculty to have a more efficient process when grading.

Not only was Mrs. Savage able to gift the department with her work ethic and organizational skills, but those around her thought very highly of her. During an interview with Michael Paesler, past Department Head of Physics, he said, “One of the amazing things about Becky, is her calm demeanor in times of crisis or even when things are running smoothly. She is incredibly competent and keeps the department moving in the right direction…she held everything together…”

Throughout her work here at North Carolina State University, Rebecca Savage was able to work her way from being a temporary worker to becoming the Business Officer of the Department of Physics. She is a true inspiration to all and she has proved that you can truly accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Rebecca Savage
Rebecca Savage

We want to thank Becky, for all the hard work she has accomplished and we wish her the best during her Retirement!