Sep 27, 2019

College Honors 5 Extraordinary Alumni and Students

At the annual College of Sciences Awards Dinner, we recognized three alumni and two students for their outstanding achievements and contributions to the college.

Sep 10, 2019

Frohlich Co-organizes Fulbright-Cottrell Workshop in Germany

Carla Fröhlich, an associate professor of physics, was the co-organizer of the Fulbright-Cottrell Workshop that took place in Göttingen, Germany, in early June. The goal of the workshop was to “… train the next generation of university faculty to be […]

Sep 7, 2019

Rebecca Savage and Her Legacy at NC State

Rebecca Savage, also known as Becky by her co-workers, has been a part of North Carolina State University for 35 years. She began her journey at NC State as a Temporary Worker in 1984. A year later, she became a […]

Aug 29, 2019

What does the universe look like?

What does the universe look like? How do astronauts sleep? What are the planets named after? Google Autocomplete suggests the most common searches on the internet. We asked NC State Sciences professor Katie Mack and NC State Engineering professor Laura Bottomley to answer some popular out-of-this-world questions. Listen and learn as they talk about everything from what…

Aug 29, 2019

Envisioning Research Contest Winners Offer Glimpses of Discovery

Researchers use images to learn about the world around us and to help viewers engage with the work of discovery.

Aug 27, 2019

Meet Our New Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty

Eight accomplished tenured and tenure-track faculty are joining the College of Sciences in 2019-20.

Aug 12, 2019  |  Uncategorized

Live from the space station

Physics Alumna Christina Koch will be broadcasting a live Q&A from the International Space Station preceded by a keynote address by Dr. Katie Mack.

Aug 5, 2019

Researchers Forecast Failure in Disordered Materials

Two dimensional lattice helps forecast likely points of failure in disordered materials.

Jun 11, 2019

‘Sandwich’ Structure Key to Thin LSMO Films Retaining Magnetic Properties

LSMO, a promising material for spintronic devices, retains its magnetic properties in atomically thin layers if it is “sandwiched” between two layers of a different ceramic oxide, LSCO.

May 21, 2019

Intelligent Life

From chromosomes deep in the heart of a cell to exoplanets in the farthest reaches of space, Goldwater Scholar Ana Sofia Uzsoy is doing research to help us understand the universe at every scale.