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CMB Seminar – Rossie Clark-Cotton

Riddick 314

Title: Courtship is a Two-Way Conversation: Yeast Mating as a Model of Cell-Cell Communication Abstract: Many cells track chemical signals, but mechanisms of target location are elusive. The budding yeast, an established model of cell-cell communication, tracks a pheromone signal during mating. Pheromone binds to cell surface receptors, triggering the concentration of polarity proteins into…


CMB – Rahul V. Kulkarni

Riddick Drive, Riddick Dr, Raleigh, NC 27609, USA 2701 Riddick Dr

Title: Modeling post-transcriptional regulation and large deviations in stochastic gene expressionAbstract: In diverse cell populations, phenotypic variations are often observed even among genetically identical cells in a homogeneous environment. Recent research indicates that such `non-genetic individuality' can be driven by rare events arising from the intrinsic stochasticity of gene expression. These observations motivate the analysis of fluctuations and large deviations in stochastic…

CMB – Mansoor Haider

Riddick 314

Title: Mathematical Models for Extracellular Matrix Regeneration and Remodeling in Biological Soft TissuesAbstract: Many biological soft tissues exhibit complex interactions between passive (biophysical, biomechanical) mechanisms, and active physiological responses.  These interactions affect the ability of the tissue to remodel in order to maintain homeostasis, or govern alterations in tissue properties with aging and disease. In tissue engineering…

CANCELED: CMB Seminar – Stephano Di Talia

3503 - Thomas Hall

Title: Waves and flows: Physical principles of organization of early embryogenesis and regeneration Abstract:  Embryonic development and tissue regeneration both require a high degree of spatiotemporal coordination. I will describe my lab efforts to understand the synchronization of the cell cycle in early Drosophila embryos and the coordination of tissue growth in zebrafish bone regeneration. I will show how synchronization…

CMB Seminar : Juha Koivisto

Riddick 415

Title: From 2D foam yielding to foams like wood, a process-structure-property cycle