Resources for Minors

The Physics Department offers a minor in physics to majors in any field except physics. This minor gives students a broad exposure to the basic disciplines of physics and provides an opportunity for learning how these disciplines are applied in some of the frontier fields of physics research.


Three semesters of introductory calculus-based physics

  • PY201 or PY205 (Mechanics)
  • PY202 or PY208 (Electricity and Magnetism)
  • PY203 or PY407 (Modern Physics)

Six credit hours of physics courses at the 300-level or higher

  • Courses must be taken for a letter grade
  • Courses must be taught in the physics department (cross-listed courses that are taught in
    another department cannot be used toward a physics minor)

A grade of C- or better in all courses used for the minor

The minor can be completed with PY328 (Astrophysics) and PY341 (Spacetime Physics) which
have no additional prerequisites beyond PY203 or PY407. Students in technical fields may benefit
by completing the minor with physics majors’ courses such as PY413 (Thermal Physics),
PY411 (Mechanics I), or PY414 (Electromagnetism I), all of which require MA341. These courses
are available to PY minors on request, if space is available.

Contact Person

Professor Stephen Reynolds,
400J Riddick Hall,
(919) 515-7751


To be admitted to the minor program, the student must have completed one of the basic Physics sequences (PY 205, 208 or PY 201, 202) with grades of C- or better. Students apply for admission by printing and filling out the “Declare Minor” form at and bringing that form to the Physics Undergraduate Secretary in Riddick 421. Once the form is signed, the student then delivers the form to Registration and Records in Harris Hall.


In applying for graduation online, the student will indicate an application for the minor as well as the major degree. The student must also come once again to the Physics Undergraduate Secretary and fill out the Minor Certification form. The student will take one copy of the signed form to his or her college to be used according to that college’s procedures.