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Our research program includes Experimental Biological Physics as well as Biophysics Theory and Computation. The program spans time and length scales from atomistic to cellular dynamics and emergence of collective behavior of communities of organisms.

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Experimental Biological Physics

Dynamics of Cell Division
  • DNA-protein interactions on various scales studied by experiment and computation
  • Single-molecule imaging techniques using fluorescence, fluorescence lifetime, atomic force microscopy, nanofluidics and phosphorescent nanoprobes
  • Dynamics of the cytoskeleton
  • Emergent phenomena in populations


Computational and Theoretical Biophyics

G-quadruplexes in hexanucleotide repeat expansion diseases.
G-quadruplexes in hexanucleotide repeat expansion diseases.
  • Atomistic molecular dynamics simulations of nucleic acids and proteins
  • Code development for AMBER, in particular thermodynamics sampling methods and electrostatics
  • Multiscale simulations
  • Monte-Carlo and DFT simulations of metal ions with proteins and nucleic acids
  • Dynamics of the cytoskeleton