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Physics Instructional Labs

PY 131PY 211 ◊ PY 212 ◊ PY 206 ◊ PY 209

  • Questions about course registration: FAQ
  • Questions about specific labs should be directed to your TA. Find the name and email address of your TA on the course page for your lab (links above).
  • Questions about PY labs in general should be addressed to the PY Labs Director.

Department Policies:

  • If you failed the lecture class but passed the associated lab, do you need to repeat the lab?
    • PY 206 and PY 209 are separate from the lecture class, so you do not need to retake the lab in this case.
    • The labs for PY 211 and PY 212 are components of the lecture class, so you must retake the lab in this case.
  • Switching or adding a lab section after the ‘Last day to add a course without permission of instructor’ is NOT permitted.
  • Missing a lab:
    • You are expected to attend all labs. There are no make-up labs for ANY reason.
    • If you are going to miss a lab due to a scheduled official University event, you can present your Lab Instructor with a copy of the official letter stating your participation and will be excused from that lab, or permitted to attend lab with another section.
    • For ALL other requests for lab exemptions, you must download and fill out the Lab Exemption Request Form and submit it to the PY Labs Director, Robert Egler (Fox 236 or within 1 week of the missed lab.

Expectations of Lab Students:

  • You must arrive on time.
  • You must bring a writing utensil and a calculator.
  • You are expected to be a good group member:
    • Include all members of the group in lab activities.
    • Work effectively and efficiently as a group member.
    • Assist other group members when needed.

Additional policies and expectations are listed on the course page for your lab (links above).