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Physics Instructional Labs

All physics lab information is now on Moodle

  • Questions about course registration: FAQ
  • Questions about specific labs should be directed to your TA. Find the name and email address of your TA on the course page for your lab (links above).
  • Questions about PY labs in general should be addressed to the PY Labs Director.

Department Policies:

  • If you failed the lecture class but passed the associated lab, do you need to repeat the lab?
    • PY 206 and PY 209 are separate from the lecture class, so you do not need to retake the lab in this case.
    • The labs for PY 211 and PY 212 are components of the lecture class, so you must retake the lab in this case.
  • Switching or adding a lab section after the ‘Last day to add a course without permission of instructor’ is NOT permitted.
  • Information about missing lab is on Moodle.

Expectations of Lab Students:

  • You must arrive on time.
  • You must bring a writing utensil and a calculator.
  • You are expected to be a good group member:
    • Include all members of the group in lab activities.
    • Work effectively and efficiently as a group member.
    • Assist other group members when needed.

Additional policies and expectations are listed on the Moodle page for the lab.