LEAP! (Launch Your Excellent Adventures with Physics)

Are you, or do you know, a high school girl interested in this question: "What is physics, and how is it used to both understand the world around us, and fuel the inventions of the future?" Did you know that students who take a physics course in high school are more likely to succeed in their pursuit of STEM careers? We invite those who identify as girls or as non-binary genders, and also their allies, to join us in exploring physics.

The LEAP! workshop, held each July/August, invites students to investigate these questions inside the labs of working scientists at NC State. Typical workshop topics -- organized by students, researchers, and faculty from the Physics Department -- have included capturing subatomic particles, solar spectra, astrophysics in the computer, atomic force microscopy of DNA, programming arduinos, organic electronics, microfluidics, fracture, and more!

The 2020 event will be held on Saturday, August 8. Please sign up at this link. We are currently (March 2020) holding off on detailed planning while COVID-19 plans are in effect, but signing up now ensures that you are notified once our plans do move forward.

Interested in volunteering or helping organize the 2020 event? Contact Karen Daniels

Support for this workshop comes from the National Science Foundation, under grants DMR-1608097 (to Karen Daniels) and ECCS-1933297 (to Dali Sun), as well as from the NC State Science House.

LEAP logo (rocket launch inside an atom)