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FAQ for Non-majors

Physics Class Registration

If the section is showing as closed, there are no seats available. Physics makes all of the seats in each room available for registration and then schedules enough lab sections to cover.

No. If the class is closed, then all the seats in the room have been assigned. Physics does not remove students from the roll if they do not show up to class. The class will remain closed until somebody drops.

You have to use the SWAP feature to change classes. This actually drops you from your current section and then tries to add you to the new one. After 5 days of class you are no longer allowed to add a class without departmental permission.

You will need permission from the instructor of the course. Ask them to give you written permission and present that to Keith Warren in the main office who will assist you with registration only if the section is open.

No. Presently the wait list feature does not work well for courses that have labs or problem sessions associated with them.

Physics Lab registration

Switching labs is only allowed during open enrollment. No departmental consent will be given after open enrollment.