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Julio Monti Belmonte

Assistant Professor

Riddick Hall 145

Selected Publications

Fibroblast State Switching Orchestrates Dermal Maturation and Wound Healing
E Rognoni, AO Pisco, T Hiratsuka, K Sipila, JM Belmonte, A Mobasseri, C Philippeos, R Dilão, FM Watt
Molecular Systems Biology, (2018), 14:e8174

A Disassembly-driven Mechanism Explains F-actin-mediated Chromosome Transport in Starfish Oocytes
P Bun, S Dmitrieff, JM Belmonte, FJ Nédélec, P Lénárt
eLife, (2018), 7:e31469

A Theory that Predicts Behaviors of Disordered Cytoskeletal Networks
JM Belmonte, M Leptin, F Nédélec
Molecular Systems Biology, (2017), 13:941

Filopodial-Tension Model of Convergent-Extension of Tissues
JM Belmonte, MH Swat, JA Glazier
PLoS Comput. Biol., (2016), 12: e1004952

Virtual-Tissue Computer Simulations Define Roles of Cell Adhesion and Proliferation in the Onset of Kidney Cystic Disease
JM Belmonte*, SG Clendenon*, GM Oliveira*, MH Swat, EV Greene, JA Glazier, RL Bacallao
Molecular Biology of the Cell, (2016), 27: 3673-3685

Somites Without a Clock
AS Dias, I de Almeida, JM Belmonte, JA Glazier, CD Stern
Science, (2014), 343: 791

Multi-scale Modeling of Tissues Using CompuCell3D
MH Swat, GL Thomas, JM Belmonte, A Shirinifard, D Hmeljak, JA Glazier
Methods in Cell Biology, (2012), 110: 325

A Multi-cell, Multi-scale Model of Vertebrate Segmentation and Somite Formation
SD Hester, JM Belmonte, JS Gens, SG Clendenon, JA Glazier
PLoS Comput. Biol., (2011), 7:e1002155

Self-Propelled Particle Model for Cell-Sorting Phenomena
JM Belmonte, GL Thomas, LG Brunnet, RMC De Almeida, H Chaté
Phys. Rev. Lett., (2008), 100: 248702