PhysicsPhest Schedule 2018

10:00 a.m.20 min.301Paul HuffmanKickoffWelcome: NC State Physics Present and Future
10:20 a.m.25 min.301Lex KemperTalkFrom Dirt to Donuts: The Evolution of the Science of Solids
10:45 a.m.25 min.301Mary EltingTalkProbing Cellular Mechanics, or Cutting Cell Skeletons With Lasers
11:10 a.m.25 min.301Matt GreenTalkWeighing Ghosts: The Quest to Measure Neutrinos' Masses
11:35 a.m.25 min.301Divine KumahTalkMaking Materials One Atom at a Time
12 noon1 hourHearthStaffLunchChipotle
12 noon3 hoursHearth/314Keith HeywardDemosMultiple stations
12 noon3 hours315StaffVideosPhysics videos loop
1 p.m.1 hour301Keith HeywardDemosFamous Physics Demo Show
2 p.m.1 hour301Katie MackKeynoteThe Story of the Universe From Beginning to End

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