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Abay Dinku

Assistant Research Professor

Partners Building III 137


Professor Dinku’s research is focused on understanding the working principles of organic bulk heterojunction solar cells and apply the knowledge thereof to fabricate optimized devices. He earned his PhD in 2006 in the Organic and Biomolecular Electronics division of Linköping University (Sweden), and he did his postdoctoral research in the Materials Research Institute of Hasselt University (Belgium) and in the Chemistry/Physics departments at UNC-Chapel Hill. He joined the Organic and Carbon Electronics Lab (ORaCEL) at NCSU, department of Physics, in October 2014.

Area(s) of Expertise

His research involves, but not limited to, fabrication and characterization of organic solar cells, investigating the role of material structure-property relationships (on charge transport, recombination, interfacial charge transfer states, etc), and the critical role of interface buffer layers in organic inverted photovoltaic devices.Visit ResearchGate to download many of the papers in pdf.


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