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Carla Fröhlich

Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor and University Faculty Scholar

Riddick Hall 400K


Professor Fröhlich received her PhD in Physics in 2007 from the University of Basel in Switzerland. She spent 3 years as Enrico Fermi Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Chicago before joining the faculty at NC State University in 2010 as an assistant professor.

She is a Cottrell Scholar and a Research Corporation Scialog Fellow in Time-Domain Astrophysics.

Area(s) of Expertise

She discovered a new nucleosynthesis process, the neutrino p-process, which for the first time allowed to explain some observed abundances in metal-poor stars. Her current research is centered around predicting multi-messenger signals from explosive events, such as core-collapse supernovae and pair-instability supernovae.


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  • 2020 Outstanding Teacher Award (NCSU)
  • 2016 Cottrell Scholar Collaborative Award
  • 2015 Scialog Fellow, Research Corporation
  • 2014 Cottrell Scholar
  • 2003 DOE CAREER Award
  • 2001 Powe Faculty Enhancement Award (ORAU)
  • 2007 Dissertation Prize (Swiss Physical Society)