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Chris Gould

Professor Emeritus


Professor Gould received his BSc degree from Imperial College in London, and his PhD in
experimental nuclear physics in 1969 from the University of Pennsylvania. He joined the
faculty of NC State University in 1971. He served as Head of the Physics Department from
1995 to 2005, and as Associate Dean for Administration in the College of Physical and
Mathematical Sciences from 2005 to 2013. For the 2013-2104 academic year, he served as
Interim Head of Biological Sciences in the newly formed College of Sciences. Following retirement in 2016, he took a two-year IPA position with the Office of Science, US Department of Energy, serving as program manager for the nuclear structure and nuclear astrophysics programs in the Office of Nuclear Physics.

His research interests have focused on investigations of fundamental symmetries in nuclear
physics, and more recently on the implications of the Oklo natural nuclear reactors for dark
energy and possible time variation of fundamental constants. He co-advised the 1992 APS
Division of Nuclear Physics dissertation award winner James Koster, for his work on precision
studies of parity-even time-reversal-invariance in polarized neutron scattering from spin
aligned Holmium-165. He was a founding member of the Los Alamos TRIPLE collaboration which observed the largest parity violation signal seen in epithermal neutron resonance scattering in heavy nuclei. He advised the first US student to receive a PhD on the KamLAND project in Japan, the first experiment to observe flavor oscillations in neutrinos emitted by nuclear reactors.


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