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Daniel Dougherty


Professor Dougherty is an experimental condensed matter physicist focused on the study of solid surfaces, interfaces, and thin films. He earned his Ph.D from the University of Maryland at College Park and did postdoctoral research in the Surface Science Center at the University of Pittsburgh and in the Surface and Microanalysis Science Division at NIST, Gaithersburg. He started a new Surface Physics laboratory at NC State in 2008. At NC State, he was a founding member of the NSF Center for Molecular Spintronics and the interdisciplinary Organic and Carbon Electronics Lab (ORaCEL).



Research Description

The Dougherty Research Group at NC State uses scanning tunneling microscopy, atomic force microscopy, and photoelectron spectroscopy as primary experimental tools. They are focused on characterizing the structural, electronic, and magnetic properties of surfaces and interfaces. Specific materials of interest include carbon-based materials (small organic molecules, polymers, and graphene) and their interfaces with metal and dielectric materials. The group's experiments provide new insights into the complicated and still mysterious quantum properties of condensed matter. In addition, the properties of interfaces studied by the group are of practical use since they often control charge injection efficiency from electrode contacts and carrier mobility in transistor channels.    

Honors and Awards

  • National Science Foundation Career Award
  • Department of Energy Career Award

Selected Publications

Spatially Uniform Shallow Trap Distribution in an Ultrathin Organic Transistor
Benjamin C Hoffman, Sara Pazoki, Aubrey Apperson, Daniel B Dougherty
Physica status solidi (RRL)–Rapid Research Letters, 13(5), (2019), 1800486, doi:

Nonequilibrium electron dynamics in pump-probe spectroscopy: Role of excited phonon populations
O. Abdurazakov, D. Nevola, A. Rustagi, J. Freericks, D. Dougherty & A. Kemper
PHYSICAL REVIEW B, Volume: 98, Issue: 24, (2018), 245110, doi:10.1103/PhysRevB.98.245110

CuNb1-xTaxO3 (x <= 0.25) solid solutions: impact of Ta(V) substitution and Cu(I) deficiency on their structure, photocatalytic, and photoelectrochemical properties
B. Zoellner, S. Stuart, C. C. Chung, D. B. Dougherty, J. L. Jones, and P. A. Maggard
Journal, 4, (2016), 3115

Growth of Thermally Stable Crystalline Films on C60 on Flat-lying Copper Phthalocyanine
T. Mcafee, A. Apperson, H. Ade, and D.B. Dougherty
Journal of material chemistry A, 4, (2016), 1028

Indirect Coupling of an organic semiconductor to a d-orbital surface state
J. Wang and D.B. Dougherty
Physical Review B, 92, (2015), 161401

Toward Single Crystal Hybrid-Carbon Electronics: Impact of Graphene Substrate Defect Density on Copper Phthalocyanine Film Growth
T. McAfee, E. Gann, T. Guan, S.C. Stuart, J.E. Rowe, D.B. Dougherty, and H. Ade
Crystal Growth & Design, 14, (2014), 4394

Coverage Dependent Surface Magnetism of Iron Phthalocyanine on an O-Fe(110) Surface
D.B. Dougherty, A. Sandin, E. Vescovo, and J.E. Rowe
Phys. Rev. B, 90, (2014), 045406

Coexisting Bi and Se Surface Terminations of Cleaved Bi2Se3 Single Crystals
A.S. Hewitt, J. Wang, J. Boltersdorf, P.A. Maggard, and D.B. Dougherty
J. Vac. Sci. Tech. B, 32, (2014), 040103

Extrinsic Origins of Electronic Disorder in 2D Organic Crystals
J. Wang and D.B. Dougherty
J. Vac. Sci. Tech. B, 32, (2014), 030601

Molecular Doping Control at a Topological Insulator Surface
J. Wang, A.S. Hewitt, R. Kumar, J. Boltersdorf, T. Guan, F. Hunte, P.A. Maggard, J. Brom, J.M. Redwing, and D.B. Dougherty
J.Phys. Chem. C, 118, (2014), 14860

Modification of Molecular Spin Crossover in Ultrathin Films
A. Pronschinske, Y. Chen, G. Lewis, D.A. Shultz, M. Buongiorno-Nardelli, and D.B. Dougherty
Nano Letters, 13, (2013), 1429

Multiple coexisting intercalation structures of sodium in epitaxial graphene-SiC interfaces
A. Sandin, T. Jayasekera, J.E. Rowe, K.-W. Kim, M. Buongiorno-Nardelli, and D.B. Dougherty
Phys. Rev. B, 85, (2012), 125410

Modeling the Constant Current Distance-Voltage Mode of Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy
A. Pronschinske, D.J. Mardit, and D.B. Dougherty
Phys. Rev. B, 84, (2011), 205427

Impact of Local Molecular Environment on the Decay of Image Potential States
A. Pronschinske and D.B. Dougherty
J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 1, (2010), 2613