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Kwong Chung

Professor Emeritus

Riddick Hall 441



Professor Chung got his BS degree in 1961 from National Taiwan University, Republic of China. After one year of military service, he came to the United States to pursue graduate study in physics. He attended the State University of New York at Buffalo and obtained his PhD degree in physics in May 1966. He taught two years in the Department of Physics, State University of New York, College at Fredonia. Thereafter, he went to University of California at San Diego, La Jolla, for post doctoral research as an assistant research physicist for two years. He joined NC State University in 1970 as an assistant professor.

Research Description

He specialized in the field of theoretical atomic physics, studied the property of atoms and its interaction with external electric and magnetic fields. He has developed methods for high precision prediction of atomic property, collaborated closely with many experimental physicists around the world. His work was instrumental in the understanding of many high resolution spectra obtained in the experiments. Many of the theoretical methods he developed in atomic physics are quite unique and powerful. Because of these achievements, he was elected a fellow in the American Physical Society in 1987. In his fellowship citation, it stated "for development of extremely incisive method of calculation … Foremost among these methods is a holeprojection technique."

Selected Publications

Energy, fine structure and hyperfine structure studies of the core-excited states 1s2s2p2(5P) and 1s2p3(5S) for Be-like systems
H. Y. Yang and K. T. Chung
Phys. Rev. A., 51, (1995), p. 3621.

Energy, fine structure and oscillator strength of 1s22p2p1S, 1D and 3P2,1,0 states of Be-like ions
X. W. Zhu and K. T. Chung
Physica Scripta, 52, (1995), p. 654

Electron affinity of 1s22s2p 3Po and 1s22p23P of beryllium
J.-J. Hsu and K. T. Chung
Phys. Rev. A., 52, (1995), p. R898

Energy and lifetime of triply-excited states of lithium
K. T. Chung and B.-C. Gou
Phys. Rev. A., 52, (1995), p. 3669

Binding energy and Auger electron energies of 1s2s2p3 6So of the beryllium anion
J. J. Hsu and K. T. Chung.
J. Phys. B. Lett., 28, (1995), p. L649.

Retardation long-range potentials between two helium atoms
M.-K. Chen and K. T. Chung
Phys. Rev. A., 53, (1996), p. 1439.

High 2Po resonances of triply-excited lithium atom
Kwong T. Chung and B. C. Gou.
Phys. Rev. A., 53, (1996), p. 2189

Energy and lifetime of triply excited states of lithiumlike beryllium and carbon
B. C. Gou and K. T. Chung.
J. Phys. B., 29, (1996), p. 6103

Binding energy of the metastable He- ion
P. Kristensen, U. V. Pedersen, V. V. Petrunin, T. Andersen, and K. T. Chung
Phys. Rev. A., 55, (1997), p. 978