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Ruth Chabay

Professor Emeritus

Riddick Hall 400E



Professor Chabay received her PhD from the University of Illinois in 1975 and joined the NC State Department of Physics in 2002.

Research Description

Her research at NC State has been in physics education. She has authored, along with Bruce Sherwood, the textbook Matter & Interactions, which presents a restructured approach to the teaching of the first course in university physics, in addition to numerous research papers.

Selected Publications

Restructuring the Introductory electricity and magnetism course
R. Chabay & B. Sherwood
American Journal of Physics, 74, (2006), p. 329-336, doi:10.1119/1.2165249

Evaluating an assessment tool: Brief electricity & magnetism assessment
L. Ding, R. Chabay, B. Sherwood, & R. Beichner
American Journal of Physics, 72, (2004), p. 439-445, doi:10.1103/PhysRevSTPER.2.010105

Modern Mechanics
R. Chabay & B. Sherwood.
American Journal of Physics, 72, (2004), p. 439-445, doi:10.1119/1.1646134

Bringing atoms into first-year physics
R. W. Chabay & B. A. Sherwood
American Journal of Physics, 67, (1999), p. 1045-1050, doi:10.1119/1.19180

Fundamental principles in introductory physics
R. Chabay & B. Sherwood. edited by D. Grayson.
Proceedings of the International Physics Education Conference, 5 to 8 July 2004, Durban, South Africa, (2005), p. 124-131

Matter & Interactions I: Modern Mechanics and Matter & Interactions II: Electric & Magnetic Interactions
R. W. Chabay & B. A. Sherwood
New York: John Wiley & Sons, (2002)

Intelligent tutoring systems and computer-assisted instruction: Shared issues and complementary approaches
J.H. Larkin & R.W. Chabay (Eds.)
Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum., (1992), doi:10.1119/1.2165428

Computer tutors: Implications of basic research on learning and teaching
R.W. Chabay
Computers in physics instruction: Proceedings, E. F. Redish & J. S. Risley, (Eds.), (1990), Redwood City, CA: Addison-Wesley, p. 290-301